Eagle PI is a world leader in the field of X-ray detectors in the food industry.


Eagle is a leader in of inspection devices, including food inspection equipment, both worldwide and in Poland. Eagle imaging and digital image processing technology guarantees the highest possible level of contaminant and defect detection.


At the same time, clients appreciate the stability and failure-free operation of Eagle X-ray inspection systems The mean failure-free operation time of Eagle X-ray generators - 7 years - sets the standards in the industry. Eagle has got an implemented and certified the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2001.

Our trained and experienced service staff guarantees fast response to a service request. Our spare part warehouse enables us to carry out instant on-site repairs.

Eagle has installed the highest number of X-ray detectors in the world. Our equipment has been present on all continents of our globe for many years.

Eagle devices bear the EC conformity mark. They also comply with the Polish safety standards concerning inspection devices using ionizing radiation. The devices also have all the certificates of non-European markets, including the FDA certificate , requisite for equipment and products marketed in North America.


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