Strong points of the service and maintenance offered by PID Polska


  • Local warehouse with all indispensable spare parts included in the price of the service agreement, guaranteed repair completion time 24h since call reception.
  • Local full service guaranteeing low service costs service agreement covering repairs, checkups, product programming, training, radiological protection supervision.
  • Short detector delivery time – 4-8 weeks following order placement.


  • Remote diagnostics and detector programming via IP protocol, telephone modem, GSM modem.
  • Flexible hardware configuration of the detector enabling its optimal configuration for a given application – reject system, special bins for rejected products, correct rejection confirmation and reject bins’ overfill systems.
  •  5-years back-up system for reject logs and rejected products’ images included in the price of the detector.
  • Full supervision of the Radiological Protection Supervisor provided by PID Polska and included in the price of the service agreement.
  • Eagle has an implemented and certified Quality Management System ISO 9000: 2001.

We offer a full service care agreement, covering routine inspections, repairs and current supervision of the detector settings’ parameters. We start eliminating possible faults within 24h.


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H-Series Metal Detector Brochure
V-Series Metal Detector Brochure
F-Series Metal Detector Brochure
Eagle Pack 240 PRO Brochure
Eagle Pack 320 PRO Brochure
Eagle Pack 400 HC Brochure
EaglePack 430 PRO Brochure
Eagle Pack 550 PRO Brochure
Eagle Pack 720 PRO Brochure
Eagle Pack 1000 PRO Brochure
Eagle Tall PRO X Brochure
Eagle Tall PRO XS Brochure
Eagle Tall PRO XSDV Brochure
Eagle QuadView Brochure
Eagle RMI 720 Brochure
Eagle FA720 Bulk Brochure
Eagle 720 Pack Brochure
Eagle FA3/B Brochure
Eagle Remote Touch Screen (RTC) Brochure
Eagle Marquee Display Unit (MDU) Brochure